Pavel’s Chess Corner 2.0

It took me almost two months to finish 2.0 version of my chess application. The goal of the project was to develop a web app which allows users to compete with each other over the virtual chess board. In the project I used only latest technologies available on the market: both for server and client side.

The core technology stack consist of:

  • ASP.NET5
  • MVC6
  • Entity Framework 7
  • ECMAScript 6
  • SignalR

Despite it is 2.0 version of the app, I decided to build it from scratch, in fact the app shares almost no code with the previous version of the project.

My work is available at


Pavel’s Chess Corner 2.0

2 thoughts on “Pavel’s Chess Corner 2.0

  1. iteachai says:

    Awesome job Pavel! I’m glad to see that you’ve improved upon this project after graduation. I’ve tried this on mobile so I’m not sure if there is a feature that allows me to see if there are any opponents currently online?


  2. Hello Mark, Thank you!

    I guess you were the first user of my application, so it is not surprise if you had not found an opponent 🙂
    I will definitely add the panel with the summary of the application load in the near future. It will show number of active games and players.


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