Nostalgic Web Campaign


My web campaign dedicate to XXII Olympic Games which was held in Moscow in 1980. It was summer olympic and was famous for boycott initiated by United States and supporting nations.

I used fullpage.js plugin for the layout of my one-page scrolling website. It is relatively simple, but yet powerful plugin, which makes easier to create one-page-scrollers. Other plugins which I used are: slimscrolljquery-validatejquery-autocomplete.
I used strong colours like yellow, red and white to draw attention of the user. I also used old soviet fonts to better reflect the nature of my web campaign.
For interactive part of my project I recreated Moscow subway map exactly as it was 1980. Everything on the map is drawn by javascript in an HTML5 canvas. All the data for the map is coming from the database and processed by client-side script. The map responsive, so script redraws it based on window size. The hardest part was to implement routing algorithm between the stations. It took me almost one thousand lines of javascript to do it.
The subscription form is very simple, but the form validates and processes asynchronously. Another challenge was to code HTML email based on the table layout and limited CSS set of rules and fonts.
Banners for my web campaign are very rudimentary, but they looks cool.
I used smart comments to generate comments for my javascript functions, properties and classes. And this resource to generate documentation for my subway map. I also used SASS, gulp and bower during the development.
It was very interesting and fun project to work on. I really enjoy working with javascript and SASS, as well as develop prototypes, markups and documentations.
My work is available here.
Nostalgic Web Campaign

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